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Message from the President of the Board of Mayors:


In this new year 2021, in which we will undoubtedly face new challenges in the La Montaña Local Labor Development Area (ALDL-La Montaña), our goal is to continue developing opportunities for the residents of our region; providing them with the necessary tools so that they can obtain the skills and knowledge that will facilitate obtaining a job and/or training in the labor force.


On behalf of my fellow mayors of the central region: Hon. Elliot Colón Blanco de Barranquitas, Hon. Luis A. García Rolón de Corozal, Hon. Ángel D. Concepción González de Cidra and Hon. Jesús E. Colón Berlingeri de Orocovis; We reiterate our commitment to ALDL- La Montaña to offer our citizens a service of excellence.

ALDL- La Montaña has an excellent work team in all the municipalities that make up our region, prepared to help displaced youth, adults and workers who are ready to move forward.


Our commitment will always be to work for everyone and for everyone; With God's help we will make it.

Hon. Orlando Ortiz  Chevres

President of the Board of Mayors

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